Telephone Call Recording

Product Code: AVLTQ08

Telephone Call Recording

Aegis Informatics Pvt. Ltd. (AIPL) GSM based Voice Terminal offers telephone call recording that can be viewed, analyzed, searched and compared to spot the gaps and enhance the performance.
Telephone call recording not only prevents lawsuits but also improve employee’s performance, reduce frauds, resolve disputes, capture missed calls, helpful for market assessment, provide detailed call history, and offering effective coaching for teams.

Product Features

  • Call history, search and playback
  • Live call monitoring
  • Detailed call reports for recordings
  • Detailed quality control reports
  • Access recording from anywhere via web browser
  • Bookmark, flag, notation of calls
  • Record analog, digital, VoIP, ISDN, T1, PRI or hosted VoIP on trunk or extension side
  • Search calls by notes, transcriptions, and any other captured data
  • Third-party verification recording