automatic call recording solution

Automatic Call Recording Solution

Product Code: AVL-32T5PE

Automatic Call Recording Solution

Aegis Automatic Call Recording Solution (AVL-32T5PE Voice Logger) is basically used to record calls for telephone lines/ PBX Extensions with the provision of window-based management software and this model of Automatic telephone call recorder has the provision to record for up-to 32 lines.
Most importantly, its management software will create a stack of all the conversations into a segregated database received from PCI slot that will provide an ease to the user. In addition to this, plethora of features such as organizing database of call logs, searching desired list of calls recordings, playing the recorded calls, schedule recording, third party compatibility, and many other vitally important ones can add value to your business.

Product Features

  • Support POT/Analog Telephone Line/PBX Extn./Radio-Analog
  • Supporting most major PBX systems such as Cisco, Avaya, , Nortel, Mitel, Panasonic, Matrix and NEC our call recorder can be set up to meet and expand with your needs and system.
  • Auto record of all incoming and outgoing call as compressed .WAV files so you can hold recording database without taking up too much space in your computer
  • Using Aegis Telephone Call Recorder Online monitoring feature, supervisors or team leaders can select any agent or extension and monitor calls in progress
  • Unanswered Call number if not attended
  • Advanced call management function -Can list, print and statistical all incoming outgoing & missed calls.
  • Auto Echo Cancellation -Aegis Telephone Call Recorder have Auto Gain Control and Auto Echo Cancellation which give Crystal Clear Voice Recording
  • Integration with third party software -You can integrate the Telephone Call Recorder with most third-party database or tool. With automatic archiving and backup support you can store your voice records efficiently on any third party database (My SQL , MS SQL, Access)