Voice Logging Solution

Product Code: AVL-01U

Voice Logging Solution

Aegis Voice Logger is a complete voice logging solution for any business. Customer service can be improved by aegis voice logger. aegis voice logger system support ISDN PRI and analog line to record all the incoming and outgoing calls for business security, call monitoring, staff training and regulatory compliances AIPL provide voice logging solution with advance feature which is easy to use and very flexible. Our voice logger helps to organization to increase the productivity and customer satisfaction.

Product Features

  • WAV, GSM format recording
  • Searching of Previous Call Data by phone number, time, date, or even by customer name through the context storage id. This makes searching for Data much easier than other PC Phone Recorders
  • Auto recording circularly If system hard disk will be fully occupied, it will delete previous record content so that system can operate continuously.
  • Call Management Advanced call management function-Can list, print and statistical all incoming and outgoing call number.
  • Incoming call pop-up: Aegis Voice Logger provides an Incoming Pop-up alert facility. The pop-up will appear every time a call lands on any Extensions, with details of the customer/caller. The pop-up provides information Like Name of Customer, address and phone number, Previous Points of Discussion of the customer/ caller and helps the Extension user/ agent to promptly react to the caller. With the help of this facility, you can update your customer data base.