voice logger

Voice Logger

Product Code: AVLTQ08

Voice Logger

Voice Logger - The USBVoice Logger allows you to record phone conversations into a voice database through a USB port of your computer automatically. It also allows users to manage all stored recordings and information with its management software. Caller ID and pop up window give alert of all incoming calls.
Aegis was incorporated in 2008 with the vision to revolutionize the telecom sector with voice loggers to GSM FCT products. Our offerings include Voice logger, USB Voice Logger, PCI Voice Logger, VOIP Voice logger, Standalone Voice Logger, PRI Voice Logger, Management software-based GSM Voice Terminals and Fixed Cellular Terminal. Ever since its inception, aegis customer base has risen exponentially to the south east Asian nations and also to the middle east countries well.

Product Detail

Recording Interface
USB Port
Voice File
Recording file compression
8 Time
Rating Power Consumption
5 W
Input Impedance
600 Ohms Or 5.1 Mohms

Others :

Mounting Options
Wall Mount and Table Top
Device Dimension (LXWXH)
Packing Box Dimensions (LXWXH)
Actual Weight
450 gm
Volumetric Weight
800 gm
USB voice logger software

Product Features

  • Auto record of all incoming and outgoing call as compressed .WAV files so you can hold on to them without taking up too much space in your computer or laptop
  • Record Unanswered Call number if not attended
  • Does not require batteries or any power source other than USB port of your Computer or Laptop
  • Call number filter, You can set some numbers in the special number list Option , when you make or receive calls from these numbers ,our voice logger will not record that calls
  • Searching of Previous Call Data by phone number, time, date, or even by customer name through the context storage id. This makes searching for Data much easier than other PC Phone Recorders.
  • Aegis voice logger suitable with PBX, Radio-Analog, telephone analog line.
  • Interoperability with market leading PBX system such as Cisco, NEC, Nortel, Mitel, Matrix, Panasonic and Avaya. Additionally, our voice logger provides voice logging solution and fulfills the customer's requirements and sail with you to succeed your business.
  • Admin & Supervisor can monitor any of their employee’s telephonic conversation with customer
  • Aegis voice logger provide excellent sound quality with auto gain control and echo cancellation feature
  • User can store the incoming and outgoing calling data as an FTP auto back-up option with a few easy setting voice logger software can be connected with server so that store the data as back up option.
  • Aegis voice logger device compatible with aegis CMS software (Centralize Management Software). It is allowed to monitor calls of multi locations office
  • Aegis Voice logger management software help to caution the user by an alarm in term of pop up on the screen when there is no space to save more file in your pc in this situation user can free up the space by deleting previously unwanted files.