Telephone Call Recorder

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Telephone Call Recorder

Get telephone call recorder device at Aegis Informatics Pvt. Ltd. with latest technology at reasonable price. All businesses need telephone call recorder because telephonic conversations of employees are important at work place. We handle 99% office work over the phone like getting inquires, order boking, rate negotiations, payment commitment, deal with customer’s complaints.

As a communication medium owing to immense popularity of telephone, telephone call recording device has also become increasingly necessary. Telephone call recorder software find application in stock broking firms, debt collection agencies, finance sector, call center, corporate sector, police, crime branch etc. for the implement of telephone call recorder here uses very few components and is hence simple to construct and use.

Mostly, we use in India for fixed telephone line primarily use RJ11 wiring which has two wire ring and tip. tip is the positive wire and ring is the negative one. They complete telephone circuit by working together. When the handset is on the cradle on a telephone line, the voltage between tip and ring is approximately 48V DC (idle line).

Aegis provides telephone call recorder with window base software and have provision to connect 1- 256 telephone lines/ PBX Extns. With the help of this, the user can record the calls conversation and stack into the database via the user management software ant retrieve calls records when needed.

telephone call recorder device

Product Features

  • Incoming and outgoing telephone calls can be store from all the phone lines or extensions by aegis telephone call recorder and automatically whole incoming - outgoing call data will be saved with date, time, duration, number in your computer system and whenever you required, recorded calling data will be available later to listen through speakers.
  • Aegis telephone call recorder is compact solution for all the call recording problems our device is available for MNC, large corporate and every small to medium offices. Aegis telephone call recorder hardware & software is compatible with PRI line extension, every analog phone lines and all EPABX system you may have.
  • Aegis device help to make your relation better with customers. In case of dispute between agent or customers aegis call recorder resolve brawl and restore trust. Now avoid communication gap with your clients and vendors.
  • For the better customer experience, aegis telephone call recorder like voice logger, GSM FCT is a powerful tool to analyze, monitor, and store all your business calls and help to keep up with customer expectations to improve customer experience.

Benefits of

Telephone Call Recorder

Keeping Interaction Logs : Telephone call recorder devices are developed specifically for recording customer and agent conversations. The managers listen to the recordings to keep an eye on the quality standard and ensure that all of the customers' questions have been satisfactorily addressed. Additionally, it enables them to monitor customers requests and grievances. By regularly checking in with the agents, the manager further ensures that quick actions are taken to address problems.

Efficiency Improvement : Telephone call recorder are useful in determining an agent's productivity. It establishes standards for evaluating an agent's performance and retrieves information on how long it takes an agent to process and respond to calls, respectively.

Increase Employee Behavior : The current political and social context has made it quite evident that improper workplace behaviour won't be tolerated. You may cut down on unwanted calls and chats by installing a call recording system.
The technology can assist in preventing leaks or the distribution of sensitive information, for instance, in a case where you are working as a government contractor.

Real-Time Support : Consider the scenario where one of your employees is having trouble and requires help right away. With options for silent or active listening, telephone call monitoring technology enables people in supervisory roles to jump in real time as well as listen in.