Fixed Cellular Terminal

Product Code: AVL-01U

Fixed Cellular Terminal

Aegis Informatics the newly launched Fixed Cellular Terminal GSM FCT Voice Terminal, the first time in the market with avant-garde technology follows the footsteps of “Adapt the pace of nature”. This newfangled product with business-driven features and indigenously researched and developed with the vision of “Make in India” is ready to cater the markets of banking and finance sector, debt agencies, stock exchange markets, real estate, travel agencies, services orientated and many others business. A seasoned team of engineers’ meticulous efforts has helped to find innovative and tailored solutions for the hinderances of the industries. GSM based Voice Terminal XN520 Series is the upgraded version of Fixed cellular Terminal with advanced generations feature such as Auto dialer, Voice Broadcasting, GVT IVR, Speed dial, In-built call recording, Voice mail facility, click to call, conference call and many others including call recording the only feature of FCT. Given below are the few sectors where Voice Terminal finds its application.

Banking and Finance Sector:

For the establishments needs of banking and financial sector, call recording framework necessary to monitor quality services, improve employee’s performance and prevent lawsuits. Our aegis fixed cellular terminal with advance features such as IVR call routing with skill based, click to call, voice broadcasting, welcome messages, auto dialer and hot dialer can efficiently improve the operational functioning of the work environment by many folds.

Debt Collection Agencies:

Aegis has specially designed fixed cellular terminal advance version of GSM Voice Terminal for the debt collection agencies to recover debt for a various number of corporate elements in the banking, telecommunication, finance, call center, public safety governments and utility sector. Fixed cellular terminal features like bulk messaging, auto dialer software, voice broadcasting and most importantly feature which is provided by aegis in-built 320000 call recording act as a catalyst to fasten the process of recovery.

Insurance Agencies:

The Aegis Fixed Cellular Terminal GSM FCT TURBO’s innovational and efficient advance features like skill based GVT IVR call routing, auto dialer, bulk messaging, voice broadcasting and multitudes of advanced other features equip it to fulfil obligation of insurance sector and enhance its customer base for its services like, home, car, income protection, health and life insurances and improve their operational functional.


The Aegis GSM Voice Terminal XN520 TURBO tailored solutions such as Voice broadcasting for new offers, Autodialer, click to call, multiple location-based call routing and call recording for legal compliance are some of the few key features of our GSM Voice Terminal to address the difficulties of dynamic travel commercial centers such as hotels and resorts, airlines and travel agents.

Call Center:

Aegis GSM Voice Terminal XN520 TURBO’s pursuits to deliver custom-made solutions for the call centers like Organizing long queues efficiently with skill-based routing feature, alerting thousands of customers with new offers using voice broadcasting, improving employee performances and, prevent lawsuits are challenges using call recording are few solutions among the plenty of others.