Centralized Management Software

Product Code: AVLTQ08

Centralized Management Software

Aegis call recorder used in Multiple or remote locations can be managed in centralize server with web base software with the help of Aegis Centralize Management Software and begin listening and playing back your recorded calls, conduct quality control and interact with your recordings.
Aegis Centralize Management Software packed with state of art features like location-wise advance searching, status of connected devices, multiple web user with permissions, popup facility, tagging and notation of important calls, phonebook, encrypted voice file, time base voice file compression and so on.

Product Features

  • Web base software
  • Indigenous file transfer protocol with synchronization
  • Option of next to real time or schedule file transfer
  • Add Multi user with permissions
  • Advance Searching Tool
  • Phone Book
  • Tagging & Notation
  • Reports in excel
  • Time base file compression (56kb per min)
  • Remote Devices status