Aegis 16 line voice logger

16 Line USB Voice Logger India

Product Code: AVLTQ08

16 Line USB Voice Logger India

Aegis 16 line USB voice logger has provision of recording conversation for four separate telephone lines and telephone call recording data store into the computer’s hard drive through USB port. Our voice logger is a combination of software and hardware.

Prominent Feature

  • 04 line PC based USB Voice Logger
  • Connects between telephone line and computer USB port
  • Incoming/outgoing/missed calls are recorded PC based program to computer hard disk.
  • Aegis user can get lifetime software and technical support
  • Crystal clear voice recorded store format is .wav/MP3 file
  • Less than 3-minute installation.
  • Store telephone number with name so user can get call next time it displays caller
  • Instantly find and search the call conversation by time, date, Name, number etc.
  • For the future reference important calls can be flag/tag
  • Compatible with aegis centralize management software