Aegis Telephone Call Recording Products

Founded in New Delhi in 2008 as Aegis Informatics, is known for its A grade products quality of telephone call recorder, voice loggers for analog, digital lines and GSM voice Terminals. Aegis informatics zeal to strive for excellence in delivering innovative, highly efficient operating products makes its pioneer in this segment. The company director’s knowhow with his 25+ years of experience with an active team of expert engineers have worked dedicatedly to deeply understand the impediments and find tailored solutions. Aegis has always focused on adapting itself to the latest technology and stand with the clients during good times and bad times of the market with its cost-effecting pricing.
Aegis endeavors to deliver a quality assured product to our clients. Prior to that, our expertise team ensure the conformity of testing from basic raw material to final product and deliver impeccable flawless product. Being available and approachable is one of the founding blocks. we hire competent employees and provide them strategically organized training to flourish them to fully understand the predicaments from customer side and gratify them with solution. Aegis has expanded its customer base 1200+ corporate clients and did the sale of more than two hundred thousand voice loggers.