Aegis 16 line voice logger

04 Line USB Voice Logger India

Product Code: AVLTQ08

04 Line USB Voice Logger

04 line USB voice logger provided by aegis informatics We have wide range of voice logger device such as 01 voice logger, 02 voice logger, 08 line voice logger, 16 line voice logger and 04 line voice logger with USB connectivity our 04 line voice logger give complete call recording solution aegis voice logger helps to record incoming and outgoing calls from all extension of EPABX in your computer.

Prominent Feature

  • 04 line PC based usb voice logger
  • Outgoing and incoming call can be recorded in your computer’s hard drive
  • Crystal clear voice recording system
  • Integration with third party software
  • Important calls can be flag and tag for the future reference
  • Our recording software compatible with aegis centralize management software